Defending Cloud Infrastructures

万博APP Cloud Protection

Easily Protect your Cloud Applications and resources

With the adoption of public clouds and increasing importance of virtualization, 组织需要在部署模型中提供更大灵活性的安全解决方案. With support for major public clouds and a range of virtualization platforms, 万博APP Networks的云保护产品包括我们的虚拟化NGFW,可以无缝部署到公共和私有云. 我们的虚拟NGFW还为电信网络功能虚拟化(NFV)基础设施进行了性能优化, making it ideal for today’s telco cloud platforms. For complete Cloud Protection, 万博APP Networks提供了一个创新的微细分解决方案,在VMware和OpenStack环境中同样在家, enabling wide coverage of cloud workloads. 万博APP可以有效、快速地为东西数据中心的流量带来可见性,同时帮助阻止复杂多阶段的恶意横向移动, multi-layer attacks.

Defending Cloud Infrastructures

万博APPs’ Family of Cloud Protection products

Advanced Security services for Virtual Networks and Applications

万博APP Virtual Next-Gen Firewall, cloudedge, embedded with the 万博APP Networks StoneOS operation system, is deployed as a VM, 为任何虚拟环境中的应用程序和用户提供高级安全服务.

Stop Lateral Attacks Between VMs with Network Micro-Segmentation

万博APP CloudHive提供微分割来保护云中的每个虚拟机(VM). CloudHive安全服务可以轻松扩展,在不中断业务的情况下满足需求.

万博APP Networks的CloudHive解决方案在Gartner 2020年云工作负载保护平台市场指南中获得认可

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万博APP Networks A2700和A2800 NGFW通过软件和硬件升级提升性能

万博APP Networks A2700和A2800 NGFW通过软件和硬件升级提升性能.

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For the 2nd year in a row, 万博APP Networks已获得Gartner Peer Insights客户网络防火墙选择的认可.

the Customers’ Choice is a rating of vendors in a given market — for 万博APP, it’s Network Firewalls ——同时考虑了评论数量和整体用户评分. Based on feedback and ratings from our end users who have purchased, implemented and are happily using our products and services, 万博APP’s overall rating came to 4.8/5.