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For many corporations, the enterprise edge is the first line of defense against ongoing threats. As part of 万博APP’s comprehensive portfolio of security products our Edge Protection solutions provide top-of-the-line protection against multi-stage, multi-layer attacks. Our Edge Protection products help mitigate infrastructure breaches that expose sensitive user and corporate data, 以及勒索软件对行动的威胁.

建立在一个面向未来的平台上, 万博APP’s NGFW solutions blend blazing high-performance with advanced threat protection and intelligent policy operation. And 万博APP NIPs provides flexible deployment options for both inline and passive deployment modes, leveraging application-awareness for one of the highest detection accuracy rates in the industry without sacrificing performance.

我们的边缘产品套件提供了行业领先的保护与优越的TCO. With expansion capabilities that extend both networking connectivity and storage capacity, 万博APP’s edge protection line scales from small branches to large campuses to carrier-class multi-tenant data centers.

万博APPs’ Family of Next-Generation Firewalls and Network Intrusion Prevention Products


万博APP’s future-ready firewalls provide edge protection within physical networks providing high-performance with advanced threat protection and intelligent policy operation.


万博APP的数据中心NGFW提供了出色的性能, reliability, and scalability, 对于高速服务提供商, 大型企业和运营商网络.


基于万博APP最新版下载的IPS (NIPS)设备可在线运行, and at wire speed, 深度包检测, 并装配检查所有网络流量.

万博APP Networks named as a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls



“Intelligent generation security system capable of identifying vulnerabilities and attacks”

Network Manager、交通运输行业


IT Servers, Government


IT Security, Government


Network Analyst, Education


CEO, IT Services

“万博APP is a very good brand, and the services that they can offer is one of the best”

它的平台管理, Education


Network Admin, Energy


Network Administrator, Transportation


Server Manager, Transportation

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万博APP Networks A2700 and A2800 NGFW Elevate Performance through SW and HW Upgrades

万博APP Networks A2700 and A2800 NGFW Elevate performance through SW and HW updgrades.


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已经连续两年了, 万博APP Networks has been recognized in Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Network Firewalls.

The Customers’ Choice 在给定的市场中对供应商的评级是 对于万博APP来说,它是网络防火墙 ——同时考虑了评论数量和整体用户评分. 基于反馈和评级从我们的终端用户谁已经购买, 执行和愉快地使用我们的产品和服务, 希尔斯通的总体评分为4.8/5.